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Why Maxima

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Trusted Partners of Processing and Finishing of woven and hosiery fabrics for Exporters. We aim to keep our business manageable and sophisticated, to provide you, our customers with the most reliable service, the best products, and unwavering support as you continue to grow your business. Compared with the larger traditional factories, we stay more directly involved in quality control, ensuring our customers receive a product they can be proud of;

We have a strong Production Capacity with the following results :

 Sanforizing and Other Finishing’s – 50,000Mtr/Day .
 Sanforizing and Other Finishing’s – 50,000Mtr/Day .
 Soft Flow – 7 to 8 Tons/Day .
 Natural dry – 8000mtrs/Day .

Here are the 10 differences between Other Units and Maxima :

 Over 10 years of experience in many kinds of textile Processing units, which means we are reliable.

 The best quality and Offers high quality at fair prices.

 Offer high quality at fair prices.

 Own factory and own company office.

 Meet all your ordering needs and multi-product needs.

 Never ignore you just because you are a small customer.

 Products that can help you make money with its varieties applications, not languish in warehouses.

 Flexible MOQ that is absolutely not available in the same industry.

 Excellent after sales service, focus on quality and time.

 Good and rich industry resources.